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Technology leads the new future of finance Make finance smarter, make investment easier

Intelligent Investment Advisory

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, we provide intelligent investment advisory services to provide you with the best investment advice.


Efficient Investment Tools

We offer a range of efficient investment tools to help you quickly analyze market dynamics and improve the efficiency of your investment decisions.

Big data risk control

We use big data technology to build a risk warning system to help you discover investment risks in a timely manner and ensure investment safety.

Cloud-based Investment Services

Our cloud-based investment services allow you to enjoy convenient investment services from anywhere, at any time.

Your personal investment advisor
Investment solutions tailored to your needs

Tailor-made investment strategies

QIAOPIDAO TECHNOLOGY CAPITAL PTE. LTD. not only provides global financial market data, but more importantly, we are able to tailor the most suitable investment strategy for our clients according to their investment needs, risk tolerance and investment objectives. Our team of experts will closely follow market developments and provide forward-looking investment advice to our clients.

Intelligent Investment Advisory Services

Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, we can provide intelligent investment advisory services to our users. Instead of spending a lot of time researching and analyzing the market, our intelligent system will provide the best investment advice, making investment easier and more efficient.

Round-the-clock service

We provide real-time financial market updates and investment advice to our users wherever they are, whenever they want. Our cloud-based services make investing anytime, anywhere, and users can enjoy our high-quality investment services anytime, anywhere.

Global Financial Event Monitoring

Our service covers global financial markets, tracking and interpreting all important financial events in real time to help you quickly grasp market trends.

In-depth industry readings

We provide in-depth industry readings to reveal industry trends and capture investment opportunities, putting you at the forefront of many investors.

Policy Trend Analysis

We pay close attention to global economic policies and interpret the impact of policies on the market in real-time to help you make the right investment decisions in the first place.